Egg Dosai is a delightful South Indian dish that combines the traditional dosa with the addition of eggs. Here’s a description:

Egg Dosai: Egg dosai is a variation of the classic South Indian dosa. It starts with the same fermented rice and urad dal batter used to make regular dosas. However, the twist here is that a beaten egg is spread over the dosa while it’s cooking on the griddle. This creates a thin omelet layer on top of the dosa, adding an extra dimension of flavor and texture. The egg layer is typically seasoned with a pinch of salt and pepper, enhancing the overall taste of the dosa.

Sambar: Just like with the traditional dosa, egg dosai is often served with sambar. Sambar is a lentil-based soup enriched with vegetables and a medley of spices, providing a tangy and spicy flavor that complements the dosa.

3 Pieces: When you order egg dosai, it’s commonly served as a set of three pieces. Each dosa is usually a circular or oval-shaped crepe with a thin egg layer on top. This serving size is both satisfying and suitable for a typical meal.

Egg dosai offers a unique twist on the traditional dosa by incorporating the richness and protein of eggs. The crispy dosa, combined with the savory egg layer, makes for a delicious and fulfilling dish. When paired with the flavorful sambar, it creates a complete and satisfying meal that’s loved by those who appreciate South Indian cuisine.


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